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Quantitative Easing Explained

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New Blog Added to Favorites

Surviving in Argentina

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Beekeeping for Survival

Got Seeds?

Gardening with Children

Here's a classic Survival Podcast where Jack talks about lessons learned from gardening with children:

Free Medical Books: Must Haves

The Hesperian Foundation requests email verification for downloads. The following links take you to their website:
A Community Guide to Environmental Health (Paperback)
Where There Is No Doctor (Paperback)
Where Women Have No Doctor (Paperback)
A Book for Midwives (Paperback)
A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities (Paperback)
Disabled Village Children (Paperback)
HIV Health and Your Community (Paperback)
Helping Children Who Are Deaf (Paperback)
Helping Children Who Are Blind (Paperback)
A Worker's Guide to Health and Safety
Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
Water for life
Pesticides are poison
Safe Handling of Health Care Waste
Women's Health Exchange
Global Health Watch 2005-2006
Global Health Watch 2
Where There Is No Dentist (Paperback)
The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

Rat Traps - A Cheap Food Procurement Tool

There are many different types of traps you can make or buy.  Rat traps are fairly inexpensive and lightweight item to put in your B.O.B.  Make sure you anchor them down in case you get something bigger that doesn't die upon impact.

What is the ultimate survival vehicle?

Survival Is A Team Sport

Great article from Urban Survival Skills:

Ravenlore Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills

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Turtle Tuff Shelters

A Christian Point of View

Just for your consideration on spiritual issues concerning what to be prepared for. I personally do not believe in living with doom and gloom pending over you, but in all things trust God and prepare as your Creator leads..

Survival Groups

Here are a few peoples thoughts on survival groups:

Chip Monk:

Jack Spirko:

Bob Mayne:

10 danger signs the US economy is headed for disaster and how to handle it.

Bob talks about the problems of today.

Gardening Advice Year Round

Check this out.  I just signed up for the e-mail.

New CPR Guidelines

Important information on administering CPR! It is no longer the 'ABC' method, but 'CAB' method, using chest compressions FIRST! See this VIDEO to get a good lesson on new method.


Here's the link to the NEW AMA 2010 CPR Guidelines.


More Free Online Resources

Marine Corps Manuals

Military Manuals

Service (repair, not military) Manuals for just about everything.



Corpsman / Dentalman:

Metalworking and engines.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision

Random Manuals.

A global incident map - very useful for Preppers

Also to mention, the free email alert and rss feed.

Free Nuclear Survival Ebooks

11 Steps - Nuclear Survival
This pamphlet describes what YOU can do before and following a nuclear attack.  You can greatly increase your family's and your own protection by taking the Eleven Steps to Survival

Nuclear War Survival Skills
The purpose of this book is to provide Americans and other unprepared people with information and self-help instructions that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a nuclear attack.

Nuclear Weapons Effects Handbook

A collection of graphs, nomograms, and tabulated data most frequently used by the Radiological Scientific Officer

Radiological Defense Officers Course Manual

Your Basement Fallout Shelter
Guide to basement fallout shelter

You Will Survive Doomsday
Bruce Beach
Explains the myths of Nuclear Fallout and Doomsday, plus gives tips and plans for surviving a nuclear attack

Old Time Radio from Chip

Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast Special

Dr. Bernanke Gets a Phone Call

Dr. Gary North
November 13, 2010

Zhou Xiaochuan is the Governor of the People's Bank of China. Imagine that the following phone call were to take place.
Zhou: Hello. Dr. Bernanke?
Bernanke: Yes.
Zhou: I wanted to let you know about the decision that our board has taken, after consulting with the Premier and the Politburo's Standing Committee. We hope you are sitting down.
Bernanke: I get it. A little Oriental humor.
Zhou: You could say that.
Bernanke: What can I do for you?
Zhou: You can abandon your plan to purchase $600 billion of Treasury bonds.
Bernanke: The Federal Open Market Committee voted ten to 1 for this policy. I cannot change it now.
Zhou: We think it is an unwise policy. It will lower the value of the dollar. Americans will then buy fewer goods from China.
Bernanke: That is not how we see it. We think the policy is required to put Americans back to work. They will buy more goods from China and everywhere else when they are once again working.
Zhou: You will increase the supply of dollars, which will lower the dollar's price internationally. Imported goods will cost Americans more. An increased supply of dollars will mean a lower price for dollars. It's supply and demand.
Bernanke: That is the old economics. That is the logic of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman and those kooks from Vienna. We are committed to the new economics.
Zhou: Who teaches it? Where?
Bernanke: I taught it for years at Princeton.
Zhou: Where Paul Krugman also teaches?
Bernanke: Yes.
Zhou: We see it differently here. We prefer the older economics.
Bernanke: Adam Smith's economics?
Zhou: No, even older.
Bernanke: Mercantilism?
Zhou: That is what you call it. We call it the export-driven Asian miracle.
Bernanke: But mercantilist governments wanted to hoard gold. Your nation does not hoard gold. Your bank holds U.S. Treasury debt.
Zhou: That is the purpose of my call.
Bernanke: Gold?
Zhou: No. U.S. Treasury debt.
Bernanke: What about it?
Zhou: There is too much of it.
Bernanke: You sound like Ron Paul.
Zhou: Ah, yes. Congressman Paul. I understand that he is likely to be the next chairman of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee. You and he should have some interesting discussions.
Bernanke: I prefer to talk about Treasury debt.
Zhou: We have determined that an increase of $600 billion in your purchases of Treasury debt will lower the rate of interest on the debt.
Bernanke: That is our thought, too.
Zhou: We hold almost $1 trillion in Treasury debt.
Bernanke: You ought to buy more.
Zhou: We will be losing money on our holdings if rates fall.
Bernanke: You ought to buy more.
Zhou: The value of the dollar will fall. That will lower the value of our holdings.
Bernanke: Nevertheless, you ought to buy more.
Zhou: We have decided to own less.
Bernanke: How much less?
Zhou: $600 billion less.
Zhou: Dr. Bernanke?
Zhou: Are you still there?
Bernanke: I am still here.
Zhou: We have decided that every time the Federal Reserve purchases its monthly total of $75 billion, we will sell $75 billion.
Bernanke: Are you serious?
Zhou: You sound like Nancy Pelosi.
Bernanke: But that would raise interest rates on Treasury debt.
Zhou: That is our conclusion, too. But remember: we own lots of Treasury debt. We could use a better rate of return.
Bernanke: But higher rates might cause a recession in the United States.
Zhou: That is our conclusion, too.
Bernanke: But that will mean fewer imports from China.
Zhou: We think it will mean more bankrupt manufacturing facilities in the United States. Then Americans will come back to our manufacturers.
Bernanke: But this could cause unemployment in China if you are wrong.
Zhou: We are willing to risk that.
Bernanke: That is a big risk on your part.
Zhou: No bigger than the risk on your part by inflating the monetary base by 30%. That could raise prices in the United States.
Bernanke: We don't think so.
Zhou: Why not?
Bernanke: Because our bankers are so frightened of recession in 2011 that they are not lending. They just turn the money over to the FED.
Zhou: Then you do not expect inflation?
Bernanke: Only a little. Maybe 2% to 3%.
Zhou: You sound like Milton Friedman.
Bernanke: Around here, we say, "Better 2% inflation than 9.6% unemployment."
Zhou: We think it is better for us not to hold onto Treasury debt that cannot be paid off.
Bernanke. Don't worry. We owe it to ourselves.
Zhou: On the contrary, you owe it to us.
Bernanke: It's only a figure of speech.
Zhou: We can figure. We are going to be left holding the bag, as you say. All we have is a pile of IOUs.
Bernanke: They're as good as gold.
Zhou: Since they pay zero interest, we think gold is better.
Bernanke: It's only a figure of speech.
Zhou: We can figure. Gold is over $1,350 an ounce. The dollar has been falling. We think the older mercantilism was right. We want to own more gold.
Bernanke: You can't eat gold!
Zhou: We can't eat T-bonds, either.
Bernanke: But if you sell dollars, their price will fall.
Zhou: Why?
Bernanke: It's supply and demand.
Zhou: Gotcha!
Bernanke: You speak English very well.
Zhou: You see, I was educated in your country at UCRA.
Bernanke: Really?
Zhou: Not really. But I love those old Richard Loo World War II movies. He made a great Japanese officer.
Bernanke: But if you sell Treasury debt, that could start a fire sale. Central banks all over the world might start selling T-bonds.
Zhou: That is a possibility.
Bernanke: But that would make your holdings worth even less.
Zhou: That is true. So, if Japan starts selling, we will dump all of our holdings in one shot. We might as well get out before the rush.
Bernanke: But that could crash the dollar!
Zhou: That is a possibility.
Bernanke: You're bluffing!
Zhou: That is a possibility.
Bernanke: But this is not the way that central banks operate.
Zhou: How do they operate?
Bernanke: They inflate.
Zhou: Always?
Bernanke: Of course always. That is the only policy tool we have.
Zhou: You could deflate.
Bernanke: Are you serious?
Zhou: You really have Nancy Pelosi down pat.
Bernanke: There is no way we can deflate.
Zhou: What about your exit strategy? That is deflation.
Bernanke: In theory, yes. But we don't intend to execute it.
Zhou: That is not what you told Congress. You told Congress you have an exit strategy. Several, in fact.
Bernanke: We do have them. We just don't intend to implement them.
Zhou: Do you think you can fool Congress?
Bernanke: Are you serious? Congress doesn't know horse apples from apple butter.
Zhou: You mistake Barney Frank for Ron Paul. You will now have to deal with Ron Paul.
Zhou: Hello.
Zhou: Are you still there?
Bernanke: Yes, I'm still here.
Zhou: We are not asking you to deflate. We are asking you not to inflate.
Bernanke: But we must inflate.
Zhou: Why?
Bernanke: Because we have 9.6% unemployment.
Zhou: What has that got to do with your decision to inflate?
Bernanke: We must lower interest rates.
Zhou: For Treasury bonds.
Bernanke: Yes.
Zhou: What does that have to do with unemployment?
Bernanke: When mid-term rates are lower, businesses will start new projects and hire people.
Zhou: Mid-maturity T-bond interest rates are the lowest ever since what you call the Great Depression and what we call the old normal.
Bernanke: You can never have low enough T-bond rates.
Zhou: But, as Treasury bond investors, we don't like low rates. We like high rates. We hold lots of T-bonds. If we get very low rates, we might as well own gold.
Bernanke: But you will like all that increased demand for made-in-China goods when all those unemployed Americans go back to work.
Zhou: But rates are lower than they have been in 80 years. You still have 9.6% unemployment.
Bernanke: But if the 10-year T-bond rate goes from 2.6% to 1%, American businessmen will hire millions of workers.
Zhou: Do you have evidence for this in one of those dozen Federal Reserve bank monthly bulletins? Or maybe in the Federal Reserve Bulletin?
Bernanke: Not really. But it's the thought that counts.
Zhou: I don't think we are getting anywhere. So, just to remind you. We will sell enough Treasury debt each month to match any net increase in the amount you buy.
Bernanke: Dollar for dollar?
Zhou: Dollar for dollar. But, I'll tell you what. Buy them from us, and we'll give you a discount for volume purchases.
Bernanke: You guys never miss a trick, do you?
Zhou: We're really not inscrutable. We just offer discounts for volume purchases.
Bernanke: I will discuss this with the FOMC.
Zhou: Do that. Shalom!
Bernanke: That's my middle name.
Zhou: You Americans have a saying for everything.
Bernanke: No. I mean it. That really is my middle name.
Zhou: If you start buying Treasury debt, you'll have an honorary middle name over here.
Bernanke: What's that?
Zhou: Paper Tiger.
November 13, 2010
Gary North is the author of Mises on Money. Visit He is also the author of a free 20-volume series, An Economic Commentary on the Bible.
Copyright © 2010 Gary North

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Murphy's Laws of TEOTWAWKI from survivalcache


From Wikipedia: Murphy’s Law is an adage that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.
1.  Food, you still don’t have enough
2.  People without back up shelters might be without shelter
3.  People with guns and no food are finding out that people with food have guns too
4.  Look hungry, they might leave you alone.
5.  Seed bank, the new source of wealth
6.  Insects, It’s what’s for dinner
7.  Gun shots, they attract unwanted attention
8.  Ask everyone if they have food or water, Jedi mind tricks might work on desperate people
9.  Wood burning stoves, they are like pots of gold
10.  The less people you know, the better off you are
11.  Mormons, suddenly they have a lot of new friends
12.  Friendly hungry people…..aren’t
13.  People who thought they could make it with just a survival knife are finding out they can’t
14.  Satellite Dishes, they make great family dinner tables
15.  If invited to a dinner party and you can’t figure out what’s on the menu, it’s you
16.  Houses full of food attract the unwanted envy of hungry people
17.  Friends who show up without food are not good friends
18.  Electricity, the good old daysTEOTWAWKI
19.  Dog Food, who knew
20.  Cash, its a great way to start a fire
21.  Alternative energy, you’re kicking yourself now for not investing in it
22.  Watching your garden grow, the new Sunday afternoon sport
23.  The Government, it will feed itself first
24.  Large groups of people with guns make the rules
25.  Bad water & Montezuma’s Revenge, they have come to America
26.  People who thought the Government would save them, found out that it didn’t
27.  Hospitals, no longer a place of healing
28.  EMP, now everyone knows what it means
29.  Sandy dry soil, suddenly not such a cool place to live anymore
30.  If food is the new currency then fresh water is a hot commodity
31.  Gold coins, they don’t taste very good
32.  Toilet paper, should have bought more of that stuff
33.  Ham radio operators, who are the nerds now?
34.  Burning Green Wood = Smoke / Smoke = Attention / Attention = Bad
35.  Trying to start a fire with two sticks?  Should have stocked up on more matches

Sprouts for Survival

First MRE buy and why
Well here I am at work, going over lists of haves and wants and needs for prepping and it occured to me that a relatively interesting thing has occured in my life today. I recieved my first bulk purchase of MREs. I have ALWAYS bought them piece by piece and sometimes just the entree portion. On a whim, I looked up MREs on Ebay and have found some really decent sources for actual Mil-Spec MREs. I put in a bid on a 12 pack and managed to win it at the unheard of price of $42.00 +shipping. All told, $65 and thats not bad at all. Further research on Ebay has uncovered commercial MRE meals for as low as $35 a case.
Now a bit about MREs: some people like them, some dont. Some even call them by Meals Regected by Etheopians or Meals Readily Ejected and so on. Fact is Uncle Sam spent a great deal of time and tax dollars to devise and refine these field rations into a meal that is shelf stable, tastes decent and provides a good amount of nutrition. Say what you want about them but I like them! Now you would think that knowing all this, I would have a basement full of them. I dont. The fact is, they are also expensive and while I think they are a very important part of your preparedness food storage plan, you really should get your bulk food stuffs, canned goods and off the grid food prep equipment togeather first. That being said, a case of MREs stored in the back of your vehicle along with your BOB will really go a long way toward getting you home to all those other preps.

Try to get Mil-Spec MREs or alternatly commercial MREs made by the same government contractor. Mil Spec MREs have a slightly better shelf life and the accessories are better than their commercial counterparts. A Mil Spec MRE will come with main meal, side dish, cracker, cookie , peanut butter or Jam, a pouch of drink mix (Tang, Tea or Hot Choc.) It will come with an accessory pack that includes a good quality plastic spoon, salt, pepper, mints, matches and sometimes a little bottle of Tabasco sauce! Finally, Mil Spec MREs come with a chemical heater pouch that allows you to heat your main meal pouch.
This little pouch has a mixture of magnesium, iron and salt that reacts with water to create heat. this little item is great in that its flameless, HOT and all that is required is water from your canteen. Follow the directions!

Commercial MREs (By the Gov. Manufacturer) do not have the heater and are a much more no frills system but still provide good sustainance. They will usually come with the main entree, side dish, cracker etc but the accesories are a bit less advanced with just salt, pepper, a napkin, cheap plastic spoon (think elementary school) and sometimes catsup, mustard or hot sauce packet.

There are also non milspec MRE type meals such as freeze dried "mountain House" and similar meals that give varying degrees of return in terms of nutrition and cost effectiveness. Freeze Dried Meals have some faults that include requiring water to make it eatable. This makes them a questionable choice. The beauty of MREs is that they can be eaten without any preparation other than opening the packet.

To sum it up, Im at a point in my preps where I am definatly considering getting a few more caes of these meals because they just plain make sense to me. Quite frankly, I dont know why I didnt make this decision before... Live and learn..

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Epidemic Hazard - North-America - Canada

EDIS Number: EH-20101115-28528-CAN
Date / time: 15/11/2010 04:14:02 [UTC]
Event: Epidemic Hazard
Area: North-America
Country: Canada
State/County: Province of Ontario
City: Peterborough
Number of Deads: None or unknow
Number of Injured: None or unknow
Damage level: Minor


A hospital in Peterborough, Ont., stopped admitting patients to one of its units as of Friday because of an "uncommon" outbreak of three different bacteria, including two superbugs. Peterborough Regional Health Centre is investigating several cases of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). There have been 11 cases of MRSA since Nov. 5. The first of seven C.difficile cases dates back to Oct. 22. There are two cases of VRE. Hospital spokesman Jonathan Bennett said it isn't uncommon for two or three of the bacteria to be present in small numbers around the hospital, but to have an outbreak of even two superbugs is unusual. "It's uncommon for us to be in an outbreak situation on a single unit with two organisms," Bennett said on Saturday. "It's quite concerning to us to find that we've got fairly significant numbers of transmissions in the same unit of two, which is C. diff and MRSA." He said the hospital is taking the situation "very seriously." Patients have been put into isolation, housekeeping staff are cleaning patient rooms and the hospital is re-educating staff on the importance of handwashing. The C. difficile outbreak is close to being declared over, if a series of tests come back negative on Monday, Bennett added. Until tests give the all clear, no patients will be admitted to or transferred from the acute care unit. The number of visitors to the unit was also being restricted to two family members per patient. C. difficile is a common infection found in hospitals and long-term care centres. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, nausea and abdominal pain. If left untreated, MRSA skin infections can cause life-threatening complications like blood, bone or lung infections. Symptoms of drug-resistant bacteria VRE infections include fever, wound infections, inflammation and pneumonia. The hospital said no new cases of C. difficile were found in the last 10 days. The last new case of MRSA was found Nov. 8 and the hospital will conduct a third screening on Monday.

New EDC item added

I just bought a Grundig Mini 400 portable AM/FM/SW Radio. So far I am very pleased. It is small enough to be part of my every day carry and functions decently. It takes two AAA batteries, which have lasted 3 days so far. The shortwave allows you to listen to international news in the event of a regional disaster. For $30 @ radioshack it was well worth it. Grundig also makes other radios with optional added antenna for better reception.
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