Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dave Canterbury's 10 pc survival kit

Need I say more:

The Prepared Family Guide to Uncommon Diseases

This appears to be a great resource for your library. It is written by blogger Enola Gay at
Here's the link to the book page:

Diabetic Preparedness

Check out this article over at survivalblog if you or a friend or family is diabetic:

LED maglight

Check this amazing flashlight out. Well worth the money.

Continuous Chest Compression CPR—University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center

Hot Stuff! Charging batteries from a heat source

Search for Thermoelectric generator

Warning: Giant Hogweed

NY DEC Warns That Giant Hogweed Plant Could Cause Blisters, Blindness

 Quote: "New York State environmental officials are trying to nip a huge, dangerous plant in the bud. The giant hogweed, a monster plant with flowers the size of umbrellas and sap that causes blisters and blindness, is spreading across New York. The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking for help locating outbreaks. The agency has set up a hotline at 845-256-3111 for people to call and report sightings of the invasive species. Callers are asked to provide photos and site information, but should avoid touching the plant."

Oath Keepers

Here's an interview on The Survival Podcast with Steward Rhodes from the Oath Keepers. If you don't know who the Oath Keepers are then you need to listen to this.

Understanding Crop Rotation

Check out this article about crop rotation. This is a great way to avoid depleting your soil of nutrients making it unusable for food production.
Also check this book out. Here's a review:

Biological Hazard - North-America - USA

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Biological Hazard - North-America - USA

EDIS Number: BH-20110730-31786-USA

Date / time: 30/07/2011 03:58:50 [UTC]

Event: Biological Hazard

Area: North-America

Country: USA

State/County: State of New Hampshire

Location: [New Hanover County]

Number of Deads: N/A

Number of Injured: N/A

Number of Infected: N/A

Number of Missing: N/A

Number of Affected: N/A

Number of Evacuated: N/A

Damage level: N/A


Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) has been detected in New Hanover County, and county health officials are reminding residents to take precautions against mosquitoes. That includes using effective insect repellent, installing screens on doors and windows, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, and limiting exposure during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes can be most active. Although cases of EEE occurring in humans are rare, it can be a potentially fatal illness – and is almost always in horses. "There is no cure and no vaccine for people available right now, so people need to protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites," stated county Health Director David Rice. EEE was detected in a flock of chickens used by officials to detect the arrival of mosquito-borne diseases into the county.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Lights Out" Review

I just finished reading Lights Out. It basically starts out with an EMP attack on the entire U.S. It then follows the main characters Mark and Jim through the rest of the story. It had some interesting things to consider, but all in all I thought it was a bit uneventful. The writing style kept me very interested because I was always waiting for something to happen. I will say however that it was totally worth reading. It really gives you a feel for realistically dealing with a huge unanticipated event. I have also read "The Bug Out" from the same author. It is available here:
It is a short very eventful story about a family after dirty bombs hit a nearby city. Check it out.

Ron Paul's Urgent Warning!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Zombie Survival Shotgun

Here's a great post from Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor.

Arming Yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse: How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County Holding Workshops on Presserving Food

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Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County Holding Workshops on Presserving Food

Miguel Medina, AFP, Getty Images

Herkimer, NY (WIBX) - With the increasing cost of food and the resurgence of home gardening as well as buying locally grown foods, canning and preserving has seen a renewed interest. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County will hold workshops on how to properly presserve food. The workshops will cover the basics of home canning and freezing.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Herkimer County workshops will be held Wednesday, July 27 from 5:30 – 7 pm at St. Joseph's Church in Dolgeville located at 31 North Helmer Avenue and repeated on Wednesday, August 3 from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at the CCE office in East Herkimer.

There is no charge but please register by calling Cornell Cooperative Extension at (315) 866-7920.