Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Zombie Podcast

via ZOMBIE RESEARCH SOCIETY BLOG by Matt Mogk on 6/14/10

We’ve already touched on the practical shortcomings of using a katana for zombie defense.  But new zombie podcast, Undead Air, offers even more insights into this problematic weapon.  Co-host Mike Taylor has over twenty years experience with the fabled Japanese sword, and even he will not rely on it in an undead outbreak.
“To properly prepare for the zombie apocalypse you must chose your weapon wisely.  You must also abandon your fascination with the katana.”
Taylor’s weapons commentary is enough to make Undead Air well worth a listen, but along with co-host Will Ross, he also offers up a range of valuable survival tips, movie reviews, apocalyptic fiction and advice about how to manage the coming zombie plague.
These guys clearly know their stuff, and at a clean 48 minutes, Undead Air doesn’t waste your time with the endless banter that often plagues other longer podcasts.  It’s quick, entertaining, and to the point.  It’s also the official podcast of the Omaha Chapter of the Zombie Research Society, so hats off for that.
To listen to Undead Air’s first episode click HERE, or to find out more about the show or ZRS Omaha send an email to: Omaha(at)

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