Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Training Service

from our european friends @

Dear Friends,

I was writing about a couple of month ago, that I will focus on practical training with this EU-Preppers Blog. I am offering now a new free service, called "Prepper Training Alert".

The idea behind:

You send me your email adress with the options

a) "24/7 Prepper Training Alerts"
b) or "Weekend Prepper Training Alerts".
c) Language: English or German

So you will recieve "Prepper Training Tasks" based on this information.

Which could end in this practical example:

Saturday morning, you're checking your mail, "Prepper Training Alert" with the task: A day without electricity, so you have to switch off immediately electricity - starting the training.

At the end, you can test/proof if you're theoretical plans, equipment a.s.o. are working - more or less unexpected

Subject: "Prepper Training Alert"

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