Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lessons Learned Winter Camping 2/4-2/5

Last weekend a few of us went winter camping.  We had a great time, although it got a bit cold at night when the fire went out.  First I want to say that I tried sleeping in a hammock.  It would have worked out if I hadn't strung it up at a bad angle causing me to get bunched up at the bottom.
Next, I want to say that I plan on purchasing these two items:

In the morning our canteens and water bottles were frozen.  It would have been a lot faster and more convenient to just put them in the fire to thaw.  Instead we had to melt A LOT of snow.  Also note, do not try to cook in food grade cans or aluminum.  There is a coating on the inside that will melt or burn into your food.  Aluminum will sometimes melt on an open fire as well and I'm told it's not good for your brain.

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