Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Review: Rivers

I was sent a copy of this book for review so here it is.

The story takes place in the gulf region of the U.S. after years of hurricanes pounding constantly.  I assume this is supposed to be due to climate change but I don't recall it saying specifically.  Cohen is the main character.  He decided to stay there despite evacuation orders by the government.  His wife and unborn child were killed in the beginning of the storms.  He lives with their ghosts and tries to finish building a room for the baby as the storms keep knocking it down.

One day as Cohen is on a supply run he tries to help some kids on the side of the road.  This is where it starts getting interesting.  The kids try to kill him and steel his Jeep.  He is left miles from home with nothing.  He takes refuge in an old church and contemplates how to get his Jeep back.  When he arrives home he finds that he has been robbed.  Knowing that the robbers will likely return he grabs some things and leaves.

Cohen sets out to find the people that stole from him.  On his way he spots his Jeep at that same church he had stayed in earlier.  The man who drove it there was being attacked by a jaguar.  Cohen forces the man to tell him where his things are.  What he finds is a colony of slaves run by a man with delusions of creating his own perfect world.

From there on it is a story of a constant struggle for survival.  I would give this book a thumbs up.  The only complaint I have is that there are a few chapters that are flashbacks to his time with his wife that really didn't have much relevance.  The price tag on the book says $25 but right now it is $18.02 on Amazon.  It is a hardcover with good quality printing and binding.  It is also available for Kindle or Audible.

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