Thursday, August 5, 2010

Water Filter



Hello there:
I learn you are looking for water filter.
This is Maddisyn from Shenzhen Homay Water Technology Development Co.,Ltd ---- China bigger manufacturer and exporter of water ionizer.We have powerful strength for production and research,and have passed ISO9001:2000,CE certification. Homay as a brand around world market , owns large proportion world market share , and now is still searching for business partners all over the world,in the hope of creating munual benefits with each other!
Principle of our water ionizer has the course of purification,mineralization and electrolysis.then separated into two compartments; one containing acidic water and the other, alkaline water. Healthy Alkaline Water contains a cluster of minerals such as calcium,magnesium and potassium,which are ideal for cooking and drinking.The acidic water contains such elements as chlorides,fluorides and nitrates,is good for beauty and sterilizing things or washing fruits and vegetables.
It is different from ordinary water filters.The water our alkaline water ionizer making has six advantages:
1.Safe,convenient,no harmful substance.
2.PH value exhibits alkalescence, it can balance and improve acidic constitution.
3.High oxygen content, which useful to healthy.
4.Smaller water molecular clusters with good osmosis and solubleness(5-7H2O).
5.Negative electricity can be used to eliminate free radicals——source of disease.
6.Proper proportion of mineral substances with the shape of ion which be absorbed by healthy.
For the detailed information,welcome to visit our website:
If you are interested in water ionizer,pls contact me.
Your promptly reply will be greatly appreciated. 
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Miss Maddisyn
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