Thursday, August 5, 2010

Winter Preparedness

It's August now and in New York that means that winter is approaching.  Are you ready?  It's time to start getting things in order for the cold weather and snow.  Do you have a backup source of heat if there is an interruption in the grid?  Having a backup propane or kerosene heater on hand where you can't use a wood stove is a great source of redundancy.  Do you have cold weather gear in your vehicle and B.O.B.?  You NEED to.  If you break down or get stuck somewhere you may need to hoof it.  Remember, cotton kills in the cold.  It gets wet and stays wet.  Wool and polyester are good cold weather materials if you can't get the more expensive gortex or polypropylene.  I also recommend having a wool blanket or fleece in your vehicle in case someone has to wait it out there.  As always, some extra gas can be a life saver. Don't forget to have a means to procure water.  You can't leave bottled water in your vehicle up here.  It will just freeze and ruin your containers.  Some options for this are a pot to melt snow in or a water filter and empty bottle.  Also, put a shovel and some cat litter or sand in your vehicle along with a tow strap or cable in case you get stuck.  Starting a fire can be very challenging in the snow, so some firestarters and lighters in a sealed container should be present.  Any more thoughts?  Leave a comment.

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